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 Funding Request Packet  

  Welcome to the online version of the Funding Request Packet. The deadline for funding requests to be considered for this session has passed. This FRP will be considered late and put on hold until the beginning of the spring semester. Below are a few reminders before you get started. Please refer to the BAM guidelines for additional information about funding.

• BAM will not fund events where money is going to be collected from students as part of a fundraiser for your club
• Do NOT insert $ signs when entering dollar amounts
• You have limited time to complete the survey. Please have a plan before you proceed
• It is the responsibility of all clubs to fundraise. Do not expect BAM to fund all events 100%
• Trips: 60% is the maximum amount BAM can allocate to a trip
• Conferences: BAM will now fund up to 8 members at 100% for a local conference or 4 members at 100% for a general conference. See guidlines for details.
• Dues: 100% for 10 members is the maximum amount BAM can allocate for any national dues
• Banquets: $15 per active club member is the maximum amount BAM can allocate for banquets per academic year.
• DJ’s: $700 is the maximum amount BAM can allocate for DJ’s for events
• BAM does not fund the purchase of any clothing.

Any additional questions or information can be sent to the BAM committee at BAM@my.easternct.edu or Chris Ambrosio at Ambrosioc@easternct.edu

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